Middle East

Pakistan – Karachi

Sheep processing floor complete with single head pelter processing 120 head of sheep per hour.
Beef processing floor for 35 head of cattle per hour.

United Arab Emirates – Al Ain

Abattoir capacity of 100 camels per day, compete with chilling, boning and freezing facilities.

United Arab Emirates – Bur Dubai

New slaughterhouse designed to be an integral part of the markets. Designed for a maximum of 200 sheep per hour and 20 head of cattle.

United Arab Emirates – Deira Dubai

Based on the Bur Dubai project with the same processing capabilities but with the addition of chiller storage facilities.

United Arab Emirates – Al Ain

Construction of four small abattoirs with capacities of 1000 sheep and 20 cattle per day for each.

United Arab Emirates – Fujairah Municipality

Designed, constructed, installed and commissioned by FEA , this was a small style sheep line with a capacity of 500 head per day. It also included a simple cattle/camel line for 10 head per day. This complex was designed for Islamic procedures and also included a viewing gallery where clients were able to make sure correct slaughtering procedures were adhered to.

United Arab Emirates – Hatta Municipality

The design, construction, installation and commisioning of a small sheep abattoir with a capacity of 400 head per day complete with offal facilities.

United Arab Emirates – Al Ain

A new small stock slaughter line was manufactured as part of an upgrade to the existing main slaughterhouse, increasing hygiene and throughput.

United Arab Emirates – Bur Dubai

Expansion to orginal slaughter floor commissioned in 1992. Manufactured and installed a new semi automatic small stock slaughter line to reduce handling and increase throughput.


Refurbishment of sheep slaughterhouse to mechanised system comply with Restrainer Race and conveyorised bleed table.
Capacity of 3000 head of sheep per day.

Saudi Arabia – Riyadh

Designed, constructed, installed and commissioned the first modern cattle abattoir in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Processing 300 head per shift . The abattoir is complemented with offal processing areas, boning room facility and a hamburger processing line.

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