With over 30 years experience in the global market place, we are an authority in the design, consulting, project management and supply of slaughtering and meat processing systems.

Food Equipment Australia provides the latest technology in Cattle/Small Stock Processing and Slaughtering Systems. Our Slaughterhouse’s and Abattoir’s are designed and supplied to meet individual customer requirements and specifications.

We specialise in Islamic (Halal) systems which have been developed after extensive experience in the Middle East and South East Asia. Our turnkey Abattoir projects in these regions and our local market have placed us at the forefront of cattle, sheep and goat processing equipment.

All FEA lines are designed to meet customer requirements in relation to throughput, layout and specific product demands. We use the most advanced computer aided design systems to ensure that we provide our customers with a rapid design service to meet individual client requirements.

Our standard equipment which has been designed and manufactured by the company, incorporates the various aspects of the meat industry. Our range of smallgoods and further meat processing equipment are all manufactured in house and commissioned by the company.

All F.E.A. equipment are designed and manufactured to U.S.D.A., E.U. and A.Q.I.S standards.

Headquarters: Malaga Western Australia