F.E.A. globally supply complete cattle lines, integrating the design, manufacture, installation and the commissioning. Our cattle processing floors can run anywhere from 5 per shift up to a capacity of 100 head per hour.

All our systems are designed to meet individual client requirements. We have the capability to build all equipment in-house giving a clean, pleasing and marketable appearance. Our system offers trouble free operation with minimum amount of maintenance required.

F.E.A. system’s are designed to AQIS, USDA and EU regulations.

Our scope of supply for our cattle processing floors covers:

  • Ritual Casting Pen/Knocking Box
  • Lander
  • Bleed Conveyor
  • Dressing Conveyor
  • Handwash Units
  • Head Conveyors
  • Hand Tool Sterilisers
  • Paunch Opening Tables
  • Chillers
  • Packing Areas
  • Conveyors
  • Drying Landing Grate
  • Bleed Elevator
  • Legging Hoist
  • Hydraulically Operated Rise and Fall Platforms
  • Hide Pullers
  • Evisceration Flight Tables
  • Inspection and Re Inspection
  • Red offal Washer
  • Side or Quarter Boning Systems
  • Load Out Areas

After 30 year of Middle Eastern and South East Asian experience, F.E.A. are specialists in the Islamic market place. These systems incorporate our Ritual Casting Pen, designed and manufactured by F.E.A. in the mid 1980’s.


The Ritual Casting Pen is designed to give 135° rotation. The sequence of operations is carried out via hydraulic hand valves located at the ritual end of the Casting Pen. The operator manually controls all operations.

The animal is then released and exits the Ritual Casting Pen onto the Dry Landing Grate.

The Ritual Casting Pen is used for Islamic Slaughter, where as the Knocking Box is used in Non Islamic Cattle Processing floors.


F.E.A. offer upward and downward hide pulling machines. The F.E.A. downward hide pullers incorporate a sternum hook device which does not require an electrical stimulation to be used during downward hide pulling.

Our hide pullers are constructed from mild steel, hot dipped galvanised finish. They come complete with:

  • Hydraulic Lifting Boom
  • Hydraulic Drum Drive
  • Flow Controllers
  • Control Equipment
  • Stainless Steel Leg and Hide Chains
  • Chain Stands
  • Chain Steriliser
  • Own Hydraulic Power Pack


F.E.A. evisceration and inspection systems.